Your question: What does the Bible say about Sidon?

49:13) It was the first home of the Phoenicians on the coast of Canaan, and from its extensive commercial relations became a “great” city (Joshua 11:8; 19:28). It was the mother city of Tyre. It lay within the lot of the tribe of Asher, but was never subdued (Judges 1:31).

What was the significance of Sidon?

Along with the city of Tyre, Sidon was the most powerful city-state of ancient Phoenicia and first manufactured the purple dye which made Tyre famous and was so rare and expensive that the color purple became synonymous with royalty.

What do Tyre and Sidon represent in the Bible?

Tyre and Sidon were cities against which the prophets of the Old Testament had pronounced God’s judgment. … These cities are associated with the Antichrist in medieval sources.

What does Sidon mean in Hebrew?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Sidon is: hunting, fishing, venison.

Who was the king of Sidon in the Bible?

First Kings 16:31 relates that his daughter Jezebel married Ahab (874 – 853 BC), and Phoenician influence in Samaria and the other Israelite cities was extensive. In the 1 Kings passage, Ithobaal is labeled king of the Sidonians. At this time Tyre and Sidon were consolidated into one kingdom.

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Where is biblical Sidon today?

Sidon (/ˈsaɪdən/ SYE-duhn), known locally as Sayda or Saida (Arabic: صيدا‎), is the sixth-largest city in Lebanon. It is located in the South Governorate, of which it is the capital, on the Mediterranean coast.


Sidon صيدا Saida
Governorate South Governorate
District Sidon District
Settled 3rd millennium BC

When was Sidon destroyed?

Both Sidon and Tyre were conquered, the former by Esarhaddon22,23 and the latter by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. In the case of Sidon, the extent of destruction is not clear; archaeological exploration is hampered by the difficulty of excavating a presently existing city.

Where was Jezebel from in the Bible?

Jezebel was the daughter of the priest-king Ethbaal, ruler of the coastal Phoenician cities (now in Lebanon) of Tyre and Sidon (Arabic: Ṣaydā). When Jezebel married Ahab (ruled c. 874–c. 853 bce), she persuaded him to introduce the worship of the Tyrian god Baal-Melkart, a nature god.

What is Isaiah 23 talking about?

Isaiah 23 is the twenty-third chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. … This chapter foretells the destruction of Tyre due to its pride (Isaiah 23:1-14), its rising again (Isaiah 23:15-17), and its conversion to God (Isaiah 23:18).

What is chorazin in the Bible?

Chorazin, along with Bethsaida and Capernaum, was named in the Christian gospels of Matthew and Luke as cities in which Jesus of Nazareth performed his mission. … 475) mentions that Chorazin was a town specifically known for its grain (Menahot, 85a).

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Where is Sodom and Gomorrah today?

Historicity. Sodom and Gomorrah are possibly located under or adjacent to the shallow waters south of Al-Lisān, a former peninsula in the central part of the Dead Sea in Israel that now fully separates the sea’s northern and southern basins.

How old is Sidon in human years?

5 Sidon – Height: 6’9, Age: 135, Relationship Status: Single.

How far apart are TYRE and Sidon?

Distance from Tyre to Sidon is 36 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 22 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Tyre and Sidon is 36 km= 22 miles.