Your question: Did Iron Maiden ever tour with Judas Priest?

If an IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST tour does become a reality, it would’ve been the first time since 1982 that these legendary metal bands have toured together; back then, MAIDEN and PRIEST were riding high with their hit albums The Number Of The Beast and Screaming For Vengeance respectively.

Has Iron Maiden toured with Judas Priest?

Iron Maiden Tour

Their first headline tour of the UK began immediately following their shows supporting Judas Priest on the British Steel Tour, during which they took breaks to play festivals in Belgium and Finland in April and July respectively, their first ever performances in mainland Europe.

When did Iron Maiden tour with Judas Priest?

Iron Maiden performing “Never Tomorrow” during their set opening for Judas Priest in Hanover, Germany on April 14th, 1980.

Are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest friends?

We’re good friends.” He also compared Priest and Maiden’s rivalry in the ’80s to healthy competition between sports teams: “It’s like the Arizona Cardinals and the Raiders or the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

Who opened for Iron Maiden in 1983?

WHERE EAGLES DARE (from the Piece of Mind album, 1983). This song was the opening number on the World Piece Tour 1983. It re-emerged on parts of the Somewhere On Tour 1986-87 and A Real Live Tour 1993, and was a setlist regular on the Eddie Rips Up The World Tour 2005.

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Who opened for Iron Maiden in 1991?

99.1 PLR celebrates 50 years! This week we are celebrating another great year in our history: 1991! That year PLR welcomed Iron Maiden at New Haven Coliseum. Iron Maiden hit the road for its “No Prayer On The Road” Tour and brought special guest Anthrax with them.

Who died from Iron Maiden?

Martin Birch, the British music producer whose credits include albums by Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath, has died. He was 71. News of his death was revealed by Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale on Twitter on Aug. 9.

Is Iron Maiden touring in 2021?

Iron Maiden, like many, have been monitoring coronavirus regulations as it relates to their 2020 tour plans. … Due to the continuing health issues Worldwide around Covid-19 we regretfully inform you that Iron Maiden will now not be playing any concerts until June 2021.

Who came first Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

early, middle, and late career)? I would argue no, because Judas Priest’s debut came out in 1974, and the releases are not directly comparable. They were a much more 70s style rock and roll blues band than Iron Maiden, separated by the earth-shattering revolution of punk that intervened between the two bands.

What is Iron Maiden’s most famous song?

Top 10 Iron Maiden Songs

  • ‘Flight Of Icarus’ …
  • ‘Running Free’ …
  • ‘Aces High’ …
  • ‘2 Minutes To Midnight’ …
  • ‘The Trooper’ From: ‘Piece Of Mind’ (1983) …
  • ‘Run To The Hills’ From: ‘The Number Of The Beast’ (1982) …
  • ‘Wrathchild’ From: ‘Killers’ (1981) …
  • ‘The Number Of The Beast’ From: ‘The Number Of The Beast’ (1982)
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Who did Judas Priest rip off?

“One time I came back much too late, they destroyed everything, they ripped off my Hendrix poster and threw them away, and I was fired from the job. “I had to get on the bus and go back to my family home, which was terrible. I was almost 17 when that happened.

Who opened for Judas Priest in 1982?

The 30th-anniversary release of the album in 2012 came with a DVD of a live show recorded in May 1983 at the US Festival in California on the last date of the Screaming For Vengeance Tour. During the US tour to support the album in 1982, Judas Priest were supported by bands such as Iron Maiden, Krokus, and Uriah Heep.