What is said about beauty in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

The poet continues on to comment on his hopes for her beauty:“May she be granted beauty and yet not.” His vacillation is that beauty in women sometimes brings disasters. … By the end, the poet wants his daughter to be courteous, as love cannot come unconditionally and freely.

What kind of beauty does Yeats pray for her daughter?

Yeats prays that Anne will be beautiful but not excessively. Beauty can be distracting and destructive, because it draws the attention of all even if he is an unknown person. The much beauty makes him “distraught” and unhappy as if he cannot fulfill his desire to possess this beauty.

What is ideal form of beauty that the poet wishes for his daughter?

Yeats knows that beauty is fleeting: what he wishes for his daughter is to have knowledge or “have her chiefly learned…” of “courtesy.”

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What is the basic message behind a prayer for my daughter?

The poem ‘A Prayer for my Daughter’ portrays the theme of love and anxiety of a father, who has been blessed with a daughter. It also presents the poet’s hopes for his daughter and his expectation of her becoming a very beautiful woman, blessed with the attributes of a virtuous soul.

What qualities does the poet in vision for his daughter in a prayer for my daughter?

Ans. The poet wishes qualities like courtesy and natural gladness for his daughter so that she can survive with dignity and self-respect in the world of anarchic conditions. He wishes his daughter to flourish like a hidden tree in a forest.

What does intellectual hatred meaning in Yeats A Prayer for My Daughter?

He does not want her to harbor any form of “intellectual hatred,” which is, he says, “the worst.” By this, he means that he doesn’t want her to feel that, because she is intelligent, she is therefore superior to others. … An intellectual hatred is the worst, So let her think opinions are accursed.

In what ways does the poem A Prayer for My Daughter reveals a father’s concern for his daughter?

Yeats’s “A Prayer for My Daughter” does indeed show the concern of a father for his daughter, but in rather conventional terms. … In an atmosphere of such violent revolutionary flux, he wants his daughter to be part of that solid foundation which he’s come to believe is Ireland’s only true hope.

What sort of beauty and virtues does the poet wants the daughter to be blessed with?

So, the poet wants his daughter to be free from ‘all intellectual hatred’ and ‘opinionated mind’ for only then she would be capable of enjoying inner peace and happiness and she would keep herself happy even in the midst of misfortunes and the hostility of the world.

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What does the poet want to convey in the following lines of his poem postcard from Kashmir?

The word ‘Shrinks’ in “Kashmir shrinks into my mailbox” (line 1) suggests that the real, grandeur Kashmir diminishes to the tiny delicate picture printed on the postcard. … The ‘four-by-six-inch’ postcard simply evokes his memories towards his birthplace. The poet highlights that he always loved neatness (3).

What is Yeats final wish for his daughter?

The poets last wish is that his daughter should marry a person of aristocratic family who may take her to a home where tradition and ceremony fill the atmosphere.In the end,the poem in a prayer for order and grace in a battered civilization.

What is radical innocence in a prayer for my daughter?

In “A Prayer for My Daughter,” W. B. Yeats paints a picture of a “radical innocence” that is beautiful but not vain, kind, well-rooted, joyful, humble, and willing to embrace God’s will. This “radical innocence,” he says, leads to true happiness.

Why is the poet so anxious for his child a prayer for my daughter?

He is worried that his infant daughter has to face the challenges and hardships of the future and how best would Page 6 6 she be able to fight them. The poet suggests some characteristics that she must undertake which can sustain her future and keep her safe and happy.