Quick Answer: Which covenant is best for holy priest?

Is holy priest good in Shadowlands?

Holy Priest is a fantastic reactive healer, especially suited for healing large groups and raids. … Holy Word: Salvation gives Holy Priest a second raid cooldown, which can be invaluable to your healing team.

Which covenant should I choose for shadow priest?

Best Shadow Priest Covenants for Mythic+

Much like in raids, Necrolord and Night Fae are the top choices in 9.1.5.

Is kyrian good for holy priest?

Kyrian Exclusive Legendary for Holy Priests

The cooldown reduction provided by this legendary gives a strong damage bonus but not strong enough to take as your sole legendary for Holy Priest.

Is holy better than disc Shadowlands?

Holy has a better throughput/mana ratio, while disc has more reliable radiance + penance + shadowmend for scary situations. In 3’s this makes a massive difference for disc since damage output is so much higher.

What is the disc priest covenant?

Best Covenants for Discipline Priest

Best Raid Covenants
Covenants Rating Best Soulbind
Kyrian Great Pelagos
Necrolord Average Emeni
Night Fae Poor Dreamweaver
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What legendary is best for shadow priest?

Best Overall Legendary for Shadow Priest

Shadowflame Prism is the preferred option.

What is the best conduit for shadow priest?

Best Conduits for Shadow Priests in PvP

  • Shattered Perceptions is the best Potency Conduit. This makes your already strong Covenant ability, …
  • Dissonant Echoes is another great Potency Conduit that will help increase your overall damage and burst. …
  • Haunting Apparitions increases the damage of your Shadowy Apparitions.

How do you use ascended boon?

When you activate Boon of the Ascended and press Ascended Blast or Ascended Nova, a blast of arcane damage hits the target’s location, dealing damage split between all targets over 8 seconds. The cooldown on Boon of the Ascended gets reduced by 12s for each of the enemies hit (up to 60 seconds).

What is the best covenant for shadow priest in Shadowlands?

The best Covenant for Raid

As we see — the best Covenant for Raiding for the Shadow Priest in the Shadowlands will be Kyrian (by Pelagos) or Night Fae by Niya.

What is the Paladin covenant?

Best Covenants for Retribution Paladin

Best Raid Covenants
Covenant Rating Best Soulbind
Kyrian Strong Pelagos
Necrolord Okay Marileth
Night Fae Okay Dreamweaver

Is disc or holy priest better?

Holy Priest

It excels at AoE healing and less skill is required to put out consistent heals for your team as compared to Discipline healer. If you’re a casual player then we recommend you go with the holy priest spec. … If you’re skilled enough even the holy priest can out DPS discipline priest in some scenarios.

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Which priest spec is best for PVP?

When it comes to PVP Priest Specs that do damage there is pretty much only two option and that’s Shadow and Discipline. Discipline Spec has some good burst damage and other useful talents for PVP, while Shadow is as you would expect a lot of Shadow damage in the form of DOTs.

Are disc priests healers or DPS?

Discipline Priests are the DPS healer, so their DPS will obviously be the highest out of any healer specialization!