Question: What is a church lecture called?

In the Christian Church, the lectern is usually the stand on which the Bible rests and from which the “lessons” (scripture passages, often selected from a lectionary) are read during the service.

What is the difference between a homily and a sermon?

In colloquial, non-religious, usage, homily often means a sermon concerning a practical matter, a moralizing lecture or admonition, or an inspirational saying or platitude, but sermon is the more appropriate word in these cases.

What do you call a church program?

A church service (or simply a service) is a formalized period of Christian communal worship, often held in a church building. … The church service is the gathering together of Christians to be taught the “Word of God” (the Christian Bible) and encouraged in their faith.

What is a sermon in church?

Definition of sermon

1 : a religious discourse delivered in public usually by a member of the clergy as a part of a worship service. 2 : a speech on conduct or duty. Other Words from sermon Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About sermon.

What is a homily in church?

A homily is commentary delivered by a priest or deacon after the reading of scripture. The word homily is frequently used in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran religions. The subject of the homily is the scripture that has been proclaimed during the religious service.

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What is another term for homily?

Homily Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for homily?

sermon lecture
address discourse
oration preaching
declamation lesson
allocution peroration

Is the homily after the Gospel?

A homily is a speech or sermon given by a priest in a Roman Catholic Church after a scripture has been read. A homily may also be a long speech given by a lay person to teach a moral lesson. …

What is a synonym for Chapel?

synonyms for chapel

  • church.
  • sanctuary.
  • shrine.
  • bethel.
  • chantry.
  • oratory.
  • tabernacle.
  • vestry.

What is another word for a church service?

What is another word for church service?

ritual rite
liturgy religious ceremony
celebration ceremony
service sacrament
services formula

What is a Chantry House?

The Chantry House is a high-status, late medieval timber-framed building on the east side of Henley churchyard, north of the the church. … The name suggests that it housed some of Henley’s medieval chantry priests, but in fact the name originated only during the early 20th century.

What is the difference between preaching and teaching?

Preach the Word. Although teaching is similar to preaching, there are differences that must be noted. Teaching imparts truth to people, but the act and the context will look and feel differently. … These elements are often missing from the preaching event.

What is the difference between sermon and preaching?

A sermon is an instructive talk, usually referring to one given by a religious leader, but it can also be used in a non-religious setting. To preach is to instruct, almost always used in a religious sense, sometimes negatively outside religion.

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Are sermons Catholic?

According to the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, sermons are preached at Sunday and holiday masses and in other circumstances. Priests preach according to the command of the Lord Jesus: “ Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone” (Mark 16:15).

What is the difference between homily and eulogy?

As nouns the difference between homily and eulogy

is that homily is a sermon, especially concerning a practical matter while eulogy is an oration to honor a deceased person, usually at a funeral.

What is the opposite of homily?

Opposite of a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience. speechlessness. silence. dumbness. muteness.