Is Jesus in The Walking Dead game the same as the show?

Is Jesus from the walking dead the same as the game?

Paul Monroe, commonly nicknamed “Jesus”, is a comic-adapted main character who appears in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Paul lost some of his friends at the hands of the New Frontier.

Is TWD game connected to the show?

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a game that acts as a prequel to the TV series (including key characters from the TV series). This is not a Telltale game. The Escapist: The Walking Dead is a game that covers events from the comic, which is what the TV series is based upon. This is not a Telltale game.

Is Glenn in The Walking Dead game the same as in the show?

He was portrayed by Steven Yeun in the television series of the same name and voiced by Nick Herman in the video game of the same name. … Yeun’s performance was praised, and many fans have expressed that Glenn’s death was a turning point in the quality of the show.

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Why is The Walking Dead game different?

According to Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead game is focused more on developing characters and story, and less on the action tropes that tend to feature in other zombie-based games, such as Left 4 Dead.

Is Jesus part of Negan’s group?

Jesus is a member of the community, which is roughly 20 miles from the Safe-Zone. His reasons for wanting to talk to Rick involve the Saviors. The villainous group led by Negan has tormented the Hilltop Colony. … Jesus will look to Rick for help in taking on Negan’s crew.

What happened to Jesus in TWD game?

Jesus served as the ambassador for The Hilltop and frequently searches for new recruits. … Jesus was killed in the midseason finale of season nine by an unknown member of the Whisperers who will become the main antagonists going forward in the television series.

What order should you play the walking dead?

Season 1, 400 Days (which is a DLC for season 1), Season 2, Michonne (optional), and Season 3.

Is Vince Glenn’s brother?

Duck is Kenny’s son. Glenn and Vince aren’t brothers.

Is The Walking Dead michonne game canon?

This mini series is set within the universe of The Walking Dead comic books, and not AMC’s television series. This mini-series is considered canon to The Walking Dead graphic novels.

Does Clementine meet Rick?

According to The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Telltale Game’s Clementine will never meet Rick Grimes and the gang in the show or comics. … During the first game, gamers played as Lee, but in the following games, they took control of Clementine.

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Is Clementine in The Walking Dead show?

The series will not only include Clementine in some way but will also include Rick Grimes and other iconic The Walking Dead characters.

How long is the walking dead the telltale definitive series?

Description. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series contains all 4 Seasons, 400 Days, and The Walking Dead: Michonne, which includes over 50 hours of gameplay across 23 unique episodes.

Is the walking dead a horror game?

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a virtual reality first-person shooter survival horror game for Windows, PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Quest 2, developed by Skydance Interactive. It is based on the Skybound Entertainment comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.