Best answer: What prayer does Sarojini Naidu offer to God in the soul’s prayer?

In this way she thinks that if God tells her the laws and mystery of life and death, she may get ready to bear the bitter experiences of life as joys and sorrows of human life with the greatness of God as she appears saying to, “Give me to drink each joy and pain:” The poetess prays to God to feel everything in the …

What does the child ask to God in the poem the soul’s prayer?

Answer: In the poem The Soul’s Prayer, the child is curious, naive, and eager to learn. She wants God to give her answers to the existence of life. … She asks God to not withhold any grief or gift that she craves.

What is the theme of the soul’s prayer?

The poem represents the metaphysical ruminations of Sarojini Naidu as her soul endeavours to communicate with the Almighty. The invocation begins with all the innocence and purity of a child’s pride as the poetess beseeches with God to enlighten her on the most basic and innermost laws of Life and Death.

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What are Life and death according to God in soul’s prayer?

The soul’s prayer express the twinship of life and death in its closing lines:- “Life is a prism of my light And Death is shadow of my peace.” Life and Death are inspirably one and the poetess gains strength at an awareness of this fact to meet sorrows and sufferings lightly.

How does God respond to the poet’s prayer?

When people pray to God for help, God just listens and lets you work it out for yourself. God is mute, He doesn’t give advice or try to fix things.

How do I pray for the soul?

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

What are the poems written by Sarojini Naidu?

From 1905 to 1912 she wrote three collections of poems. ‘The Golden Threshold’ (1905) brought her recognition as Bul Bule Hind, or Bharata Khokila, – the Nightingale of India.

Who is known as Nightingale of India?

She was none other than Sarojini Naidu. … The Bharat Kokila or the Nightingale of India was a poet and freedom fighter of repute. She brought out three collections of poems during her lifetime.

What does the variety of the birds mentioned in the poem the bird sanctuary evoke?

Answer: In the poem “ The Bird Sanctuary”, the poet Sarojini Naidu evokes the delightful imagery of different kinds of birds living happily in a sanctuary. There are birds of varying colours – from amber and ebony to jade green and sapphire blue. Small birds like the bulbul and the oriole fly around happily.

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What does Insatiate soul mean?

Answer: insatiate sould means the unsatisfied soul.

How do I pray for my child?

Heavenly Father, may my child not fear, for you are with them. As I place my children in your mighty, loving hands, give me peace, knowing that you are right by their side. Please replace their fears with the strength and courage to face whatever the day brings. Give my children a real sense that Jesus is with them.

In which year Sarojini Naidu second volume of poem the time came out?

Sarojini Naidu Works

In 1905, The Golden Threshold was published as the first volume of her book of poems. There were two additional volumes published: The Bird of Time (1912) and The Broken Wing in (1917), which also included ‘The Gift of India’.

What is the poet’s prayer to God?

The poet prays to the Almighty for a ‘heaven of freedom’ for his country where people would be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, dignified, hard-working, logical and broadminded. The poet appeals to the Almighty for political freedom from British.

Is Tagore prayer unique to God?

Rabindranath Tagore offers a prayer to his god in the hope that Tagore can gain the strength necessary to achieve virtue. The virtues Tagore seeks to embody are matters of balance and moderation. … Finally, he wants to surrender all this strength to his god’s will.

How does the poet pray to the God at May?

The poet prays to the Almighty asking Him to awaken his country into a heaven of freedom, where the people are all truly free and total freedom of good actions exists, while respecting those of others.

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