MORNING & EVENING devotional by Charles Spurgeon

June 9, 2014

Evening:  “Search the Scriptures.”  (John 5:39)

The Greek word search signifies a strict, close, diligent, curious search.  The Holy Scriptures require searching, claim searching, will repay searching, and lastly, reveal Jesus.  He who finds Jesus finds life, heaven, all things.  Happy is he who, searching his Bible, discovers his Savior.

June 10, 2014

Morning:  “We live unto the Lord.”  (Romans 14:8)

We remain here to bring others to know His love, to scatter good seed, to be the “salt of the earth”, to be a blessing to the world, to be workers for Him, to glorify Christ in our daily life and to live earnest, useful, holy lives.  Meanwhile we long to be with Him and sing daily “My heart with Him on His throne…each moment listening for the voice, “Rise up, and come away.”