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Prophecy – Part 104 – Evil Spirits – Judgment


EVIL SPIRITS – JUDGMENT REVELATION 9:1-12 Previously we studied about hell and touched on the fact that demons will be released from hell to attack unsaved folks who are living in the Tribulation Age.  This is a scary picture, but the Christian of today, and those who are saved during the Tribulation Age, can have […]

Prophecy – Part 103 – The Bottomless Pit, Satan – Angels


THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, SATAN – ANGELS REVELATION 9:1-11 As we start this section, we look back to Judgment (Revelation 8:13) and the Trumpet blast of the fifth judgment which was far more severe than other judgments.  The previous four trumpet judgments were directed against the earth itself and involved natural catastrophes.  Now the judgments will […]

Prophecy – Part 100 – The Seven Trumpet Judgments


    THE SEVEN TRUMPET JUDGMENTS, Revelation 8:1-5 As we get started today, let’s remember what we have seen recently.  God has just handed Jesus Christ the great Book of Destiny, the book that tells about the end of the world. NOTE:  The book was so full and secretive that it was bound with seven seals.  […]

Prophecy – Part 95 – Galatians 5:19-21


Prophecy – Part 95 – Galatians 5:19-21 In our last study we were involved in studying Satan’s attacks on the Christian in the Age of Grace, but also those that will live in the Tribulation Age.  Today we continue with the following: FLESH:  As we saw in our last study, the works or acts of […]