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Prophecy – Part 100 – The Seven Trumpet Judgments


    THE SEVEN TRUMPET JUDGMENTS, Revelation 8:1-5 As we get started today, let’s remember what we have seen recently.  God has just handed Jesus Christ the great Book of Destiny, the book that tells about the end of the world. NOTE:  The book was so full and secretive that it was bound with seven seals.  […]

Prophecy – Part 95 – Galatians 5:19-21


Prophecy – Part 95 – Galatians 5:19-21 In our last study we were involved in studying Satan’s attacks on the Christian in the Age of Grace, but also those that will live in the Tribulation Age.  Today we continue with the following: FLESH:  As we saw in our last study, the works or acts of […]

Prophecy – Part 94 – Satan’s Teachers, Revelation12


Prophecy – Part 94 – Satan’s Deceptions, Revelation 12 We left off in our previous study by examining some major principles of Satan’s attack on the true Christian.  Today, we want to begin with the Time of Satan’s Approach in the Christian’s life: While the Devil may attack anytime, he will do so when it […]