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Christ Our Shepherd


I PETER 2:21-25 There are two great needs of mankind in the world today: 1.  Remember that prior to salvation Christians were at one time unsaved, without hope, without God, and on their way to a Christ less eternity in hell; but the Lord Jesus Christ redeemed them out of it. Ye [you] has reference […]

Christ Our Role Model


I PETER 2:21-25 INTRODUCTION: Peter is giving us an example.  If we follow it we will be stronger in our life for Christ and also more blessed. A poor, uneducated woman was once met by a skeptic, “Well, Betty, you are one of the saints, are you?  What sort of folks are Christians? What do […]

RUNNING THE RACE – Running The Race by The Rules


 Hebrews 12:1, 2 INTRODUCTION:  The phrase, “the race that is set before us,” reminds us that the Christian race has a predetermined course.  It is not left up to the participants to make the rules.  Furthermore, it is essential that we run according to these rules and not those of our own choosing.  Not only […]