There is no reason that you, as a believer, should be embarrassed and unsure about what you believe about the Bible.  Remember this important fact:  “Every believer has a resource that far surpasses anything that man has available to him.”  What’s the point?  We know the Creator personally and we have His eternal Word to turn to for guidance.  The question becomes, “Who am I going to believe, man or God?”
Let’s consider another think about another area that confuses some folks, “The Variety Within Created Kinds.”  “God created man in is own image” – Genesis 1:27. 

Please take the time to read Genesis 1 and notice that it repeats ten times that God created the plants and animals according to their “kinds.”  Pretty plain, isn’t it?  As one looks around today we can see a marvelous variety of species, which reveal the potential for possible variations that God designed into the original kinds.

But….yet, this amazing variety remains limited—dogs are still dogs, cats are still cats, horses are still horses, people are still people.  There is no missing link.  So, who are we going to believe, man’s theories or God’s clear Word?

Christian, stand fast on God’s eternal Word.  He is the Creator, the only eyewitness to His creation and the sustainer of what He has created.  Nothing can change because He has put it all in place.  You don’t have to be embarrassed about what God’s Word says.  Stand fast, you are on the winning side.