As a Christian wrestles with Creation Vs Evolution, a serious issue evolves.   Who am I going to believe, God or man.  A point to remember is that the Bible addresses life’s basic questions in a way that no other book does.  Christians can build their world view with complete confidence, knowing that they have a sure foundation.  So why would Christians be ashamed of God’s Word?

Let’s think about a popular discussion.  Were there really dinosaurs on the Ark?  Listen to God’s Word, the One who commanded the Ark to be built and the One who brought the animals onboard.  “Every beast after its kind…went into the ark to Noah, two by two” – Genesis 7:14-15.  Seems pretty clear doesn’t it?  Who would know better than the One who directed the whole issue?

Common sense:  since God created every “kind” of land animal on the same day that He created Adam, He must have included dinosaurs.  Scientists have discovered fossils of only about fifty “families” of dinosaurs (a modern scientific classification similar to the biblical “kind”).  Interesting isn’t it!  So when Noah needed two representatives of every kind of land animal on the Ark, about one hundred dinosaurs went on board.

Christians should not be afraid to defend the Bible.  Man’s theories are often proved wrong as time goes on.  Don’t forget to include in your discussion about creation a question for the evolutionists, “Where is your missing link?”  Of course all of their possible missing links have been proven wrong, even though they present them as fact.