Let me begin with a question that only you can answer for yourself.  Do you believe the Bible?     If you do then you have an eyewitness account of the only One who knows everything, the One who was there at Creation and One who never lies.  Every other account is based on the guesswork of human beings.  Have you noticed how frequently science changes its opinions?  Remember, when man gives an account of creation, they are guessing.  Man does not know everything, man was not there and guess what, man doesn’t always tell the truth.  The problem with man, according to the Genesis account, is that He didn’t believe God, and rebelled against Him simply because he believed that he knew more than God.  Things have changed a whole lot since Genesis 1-3.

So, let’s think some positive things about man and consider his uniqueness.  “God created man in His own image” – Genesis 1:27. 

Simple truth you do not  need to be embarrassed about:  God created the first human, Adam, uniquely in His image.  Pretty neat, Uh!   One has said, “Our similarity with other mammals shows that our Designer gave us similar tools [coded in our DNA] to perform similar biological functions [like digesting food].  Despite these similarities, it is easy to distinguish humans from apes and all other creatures.” [2010 Answers in Genesis Magazine].

You are a unique creation of God in His own image.  You have nothing to be ashamed of when discussing how special you are.  Do not let someone else confuse you; God has been very clear and man’s theories are just that, theories.  However, we have the One who Created you and He always tells the truth; He is not the author of confusion.  In your uniqueness God has a plan for your life.  So stand on God’s sure Word.