The Christian can be happy that God’s Word addresses life’s basic questions in a way that mankind does not have access to in their many volumes of information resulting from their own theories.  Who are you going to believe, man or God?  Always comes down to answering that simple question, doesn’t it?

Thus far we have thought a little about 1) Creation in Six Literal days, 2) Radiometric Dating, 3) Variety Within Created Kinds, 4) Uniqueness of man.  In This fifth part we will think about “Distant Starlight.”  The Bible says: “God made the stars…[on] the fourth day” Genesis 1:16,19. 

God said that He made the stars two days before He made man.  He also said that their light was available for signs.  Don’t let it throw you, several astrophysical models explain how this starlight could cross great distances in no time at all.  If you would like to dig deeper into this subject, why not check out some of the DVD’s in the church library, or perhaps one of the books on creation vs evolution, available for your edification.

Have some fun, educate yourself with the point of view of some great creation scientists of our times.  Surprise your friends with some basic information about light and its characteristics.  You can do this, you don’t have to be ashamed of God’s Word, it is the greatest book ever written and you have access to all that information.