The Victory of The Lamb Is Assured

Revelation 14:1-20

As we start our study today we will begin with the fact that the Redeemed will be with Jesus—Revelation 14:1-5.  Surely you have already seen that the last days of world history are going to be terrible days, days of horror.

NOTE:  The dragon of the underworld, that old serpent who is called the devil and Satan, is going to unleash the fury of his wrath upon earth.

FACT:  He is going to send forth his own spirit and enter one man and use that man to offer the utopian state to the world.

  • Satan is going to empower that man, the Antichrist, to bring peace and prosperity to the earth.
  • Satan is going to build up all the hope that man has ever had for a utopian world.
  • Because of what Satan does and promises, man is going to place all his hope in this one world ruler, THAT IS the Antichrist. He is going to deceive man and it will appear that he can and will fulfill man’s hope and longing.  Because of what Satan has done in exhibiting his power through the Antichrist, man will worship the image of the beast.  Man will also accept the mark of the beast because…
    • of the work and deceit of the Antichrist.  He is going to give the world false peace, world-wide false peace.
    • he is going to move the world toward economic prosperity, toward jobs and a livelihood for everyone.
    • he is going to propose programs for the hungry,  homeless, and diseased, and for other problems of the world—propose programs that will work to some degree for a short while.
    • he is going to have some solutions for the problems of drugs, alcoholism, and the other devastating ills of society.
    • he is going to have a program to help the people tragically affected by the natural catastrophes that will be devastating the earth during the end time.

But then the terrifying horror will happen.  The Antichrist will turn against millions upon earth, against all those who have strong religious faith: the Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, and all the others. He and his state will launch the worst holocaust the world has ever witnessed.  He will slaughter any who do not give their first loyalty and allegiance to the state and its leader, the Antichrist himself.

This is what the book of Revelation has been showing us, the terrifying picture of the Antichrist and his chief executive officer, the false prophet.  These two beasts will bring such horror to the people of the end time that the evil explodes the human mind.

NOTE THIS:  John the Apostle, the one to whom Jesus Christ was giving this vision, needed relief from such horrors; and so do we, the ones studying the book of Revelation.

The human mind and heart can take only so many pictures of tragedy before it needs an infusion of hope.  This is what chapter fourteen of the Revelation is:  it is a picture of victory.  The wonderful picture of the Lamb of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ is assured.

In rapid fire John is given seven visions, visions that show the glorious triumph that lies ahead for those who follow God’s Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ, and endure to the end.  The first vision of triumph concerns the redeemed.

  • The redeemed are seen as victorious!
  • They are seen with Jesus their Lord.
  • Remember, John is seeing these things as though they already exist.  He is looking at the future triumph.
  • They will be with Jesus (Revelation 14:1).
  • They will be sealed with God’s name (v. 1).
  • They will hear the very clear voice of God (v. 2).
  • They will be uniquely privileged before all other beings  (v. 3).
  • They will be clearly identified (v. 4-5).

Notice 14:1 Heaven: The redeemed will be seen with Jesus.  The Lamb is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, the One whom all true believers love and adore and long to be with.  He is the Lamb who was slain for our sins, the Lamb who took all our sins upon Himself and died for them, the Lamb who sacrificed for us so that we might be acceptable to God.

(Revelation 14:1)Sealed: The redeemed will be sealed with God’s name, with the name of the Lamb’s Father.  This tells us why they will be in heaven: they will be identified with Christ and God the Father.

They will refuse to take the seal of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:13-17). They will make a vow to serve God and to take His seal.  Therefore, they will have nothing to do with the seal of the Antichrist (see Revelation 7:2-3).

NOTE:  There are many antichrists in the world now, many false teachers, who deny that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God. (I John 2:18-23; 4:2-3).  We must guard against these antichrists [false teachers]. We must believe in the Lamb of God, in the Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God who came to take away the sins of the world.  We must become identified with both the Lamb and His Father.  We must be sealed with God’s name, with the name of the Lamb’s Father.

Note this: The Lamb has a Father, the true and living God, the only true and living God there is.

  • Jesus is the “Lion of Judah;” this is a title of the Messiah.
  • He is the Root of David. The Messiah will be of the household of David, of the root and seed of Jesse, of his family tree, of his blood, of his stem. 
  • He is the One who has prevailed and conquered and won the victory; therefore, He is able to open the book of destiny [the Bible from Genesis to Revelation).  Over what has Jesus prevailed?  What is it that He has conquered?

“But one of the elders said to me, ‘Do not weep Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals’ ” (Rev 5:5, NKJV).

  • Christ has conquered sin. (see Ephesians 1:7, Hebrews 1:3; I Peter 2:24; I Peter 3:18).
  • Christ has conquered this evil world (John 6:33; Galatians 1:4).
  • Christ has conquered Satan and all other evil forces (Matthew 12:28-29; Luke 10:18; John 12:31; John 14:30; John 16:11; Acts 2:34-35; Colossians 2:15; Hebrews 2:14-15).
  • Christ has conquered all rule and authority and power (I Corinthians 15:24).
  • Christ has conquered hell (John 5:24; Romans 8:34-39; Revelation 1:18).

Note where Jesus stands: on Mount Sion.  Mount Sion was another name for Jerusalem.  It has always been used to refer to heaven itself, to the heavenly Jerusalem.  Here Mount Sion means the heavenly city of God, heaven itself.

The believers are seen with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.  They are right next to their Lord and Savior, the Lamb of God who was slain for them, slain so that they might have the right to live in heaven.  How they love Him, and how wonderfully privileged they are be right next to Him!

Note who is with Him: the one hundred and forty-four thousand Jews who had taken a vow to stand up for Christ, the Christian Jews who had not denied Him during the holocaust of the Antichrist.  Their commitment will be rewarded: they will be with the Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ.

“I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvelous works” (Psalm 9:1).

NOTE: (Psalm 9:1-10) PRAISE THE Lord WITH all YOUR HEART. Nothing less than whole-hearted praise is worthy of the LORD. Here, at the very beginning, David declares his purpose for this psalm:  it is a praise song to the LORD.  The Hebrews viewed the heart as the seat of thought.

David fully engaged his mind in his worship.  His meditation on God’s faithfulness, righteousness, and power produced several reasons why the Lord deserves our total praise.

As you look at these following ideas of praise, ask yourself if you have the same reasons why the Lord deserves our total praise:

  1. Because of God’s marvelous works down through the ages (Psalm 9:1).
  2. Because of God’s wonderful name: He is the “Most High” (Psalm 9:2).

NOTE:  God is greater than any trouble or problem we face.  Also, David’s joy was not in the victory he had been given, but in the God, who had given him the victory.  The teaching of these two verses is important: we are to TESTIFY of God’s marvelous works, but we are to celebrate God HIMSELF.  We do not worship the works; but we worship the Worker.

Note why God is the “Most High” just as David testified.

Trouble is like a dam that blocks the joy of the Lord from flowing through us.  But when we meditate on who God is, unspeakable joy breaks through and floods our souls.

David was in great danger; he stood at the very gates of death (Psalm 9:13).  But he was determined to rejoice in God.  Why?  Because he understood who God is, and his understanding stirred him to praise the name of the MOST HIGH (Elyon).  This name expresses the unshakeable truth that God is SUPREME, that He is OVER ALL.  Everybody and everything are inferior to Him:

  • every enemy
  • every liar, deceiver, slanderer, and destroyer
  • every infirmity, sickness and disease
  • every family problem
  • every financial struggle
  • every personal weakness
  • every demonic force, including Satan himself
  • every temptation
  • even death

God is greater than any trouble or problem the Christian faces.  The question is: do you believe it, and do you testify of the Most High God as your true and living God?

“That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth” (Psalm 83:18).

NOTE We serve a God who brings good out of evil and uses our afflictions to help others (Genesis 50:20)As we seek His deliverance, we should pray for the salvation of others and for God to be glorified.  We need to see the crises of life and enemy attacks against us as opportunities for God’s glory to prevail.

When we are suffering we have an opportunity to let our light shine, that others may see God in us and glorify him (Matthew 5:16).  We should respond to crises in such a way that the light of the glorious gospel of Christ is able to shine through us (2 Corinthians 3:12 and chapter 4).

For this to occur we must always speak in faith, never expressing doubt nor speaking against God in the midst of our trials (2 Corinthians 4:13-15)!  In all things God’s glory should be our priority (Matthew 5:16; Romans 15:6; I Corinthians 10:31; 2 Corinthians 4:11-12; 2 Thessalonians 1:12; I Peter 2:12; Daniel 3:28).

NOTE:  God turns back and overthrows those (all enemies) who cause the Christian trouble (Psalm 9:3).

FACT:  Remembering God’s wondrous works in the past produced strong faith in David for the present.  He did not petition God to turn back his enemies; in faith he declared that his foes would retreat when God showed up and faced them down on his behalf (Psalm 9:3).

Picture David’s enemies charging at full speed with their weapons drawn.  Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, our warrior God appears and steps into their path.  They drop their weapons, turn, and flee as fast they can and run in terror.  This is the scene David is describing in Psalm 9:3.

The Lord’s divine presence is the great defense of His people.  It ignites our spirits with courage and death-defying boldness.  Consider Moses who relied on the presence of the LORD to enable him to lead the children of Israel into the promised land (Exodus 33:14-15).  Or David, who marched fearlessly through the valley of the shadow of death because He knew the LORD was with him (Psalm 23:4).

Infused with the confidence of God’s unfailing presence, we can face whatever obstacles or opponents stand in our way.

With Him before us, behind us, and beside us, we can do everything our Lord has commanded us (Philippians 4:13).

FACT:  We can even fulfill the Great Commission—carry the gospel to our neighbors and to the lost world—why? BECAUSE WE DO NOT GO ALONE (Matthew 28:20).  God joins us in our walk thru life (Philippians 4:13; Exodus 33:14-15; Psalm 23:4).

Because God upholds your right and cause (Psalm 9:4). We can be assured that God is on our side only when we are on His.  The NASB and ESV offer this translation of the first statement of this verse:  “For you have maintained my just cause;”  David was confident that he had conducted himself righteously, in full obedience to God’s commandments.  He also acknowledged that God had always acted consistently with His own character.

  • First:  The LORD has always SAT on His throne.
  • He has never shirked His duty as judge of the universe.
  • He never vacates the bench of divine justice.
  • He never fails to rule on any case.

Second, the LORD has always vindicated the righteous and pronounced judgment on the wicked.  David had witnessed this in his own life and experience.  He knew that God’s verdict is always right, that no cases are ever appealed in God’s courtroom.  His judgments are always just and righteous.

“Praise the LORD with harp: sing unto him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings” (Psalm 33:2).       

Let’s close today with a thought about ourselves.  Do we seek to praise God when the enemy that we are looking at in the study of Revelation comes against us?  Perhaps you have never thought of yourself as a great warrior.  However, with God’s help, as demonstrated in Ephesians 6:10-18, we can never be defeated.  Let us close today claiming the power and strength of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Remember that He is truly God and He said, “Finally, my brethren [saved folks], be STRONG in the Lord and in the POWER of His might” (Ephesians 6:10).

The true believer must heed what God says in this passage; he must do exactly what God says, in order to conquer the great enemies of life.

First, the believer must be strong in THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT, not in the believer’s strength and power.

Second, the believer MUST put on the armor of God.  Once the believer is strong WITHIN, then he is ready to be clothed with the armor of God.  But note a most critical point: the believer must, absolutely must, be strong in the Lord BEFORE he can be clothed with the armor of God and begin to wage war against the spiritual enemies of life.  Further, the believer MUST put on the WHOLE ARMOR of God, leaving nothing out.

NOTE: As we close, note that the believer must not leave off any piece of armor.  If he does, he exposes himself to the enemy and stands a good chance of being wounded, perhaps killed.

FACT:  Only a true child of God can have the armor of God!

If you would like to have the armor of the true and living God, you can.

Read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-13 [the Road to Heaven explained].

Next study we will get deeper into the study of the Book of Revelation.

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