Sermons from December 2019

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Prophecy – Part 172 – The Great Marriage Supper of The Lamb, Part Two


THE GREAT MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB-part two Revelation 19:1-10                   In our last study we had considered: 1. The Supper will be the hallelujah of salvation. a.  Salvation belongs to God. b.  Glory belongs to God: He alone possesses glory. c.  Honor belongs to God: d   Power belongs to God:  He is the supreme power […]

Prophecy – Part 170 – The Judgment of Babylon, cont’d


THE JUDGMENT OF BABYLON – CONTINUED REVELATION 18:21-23 In our last study we had examined, in a limited study, false teaching. Also, we saw the mourning of the political leaders who were allied with the Antichrist.  They mourned because of the destruction, by God, of the great city Babylon (Revelation 18:9). Further, we reviewed the […]

Prophecy – Part 169 – The Spirit of False Teaching, cont’d


THE SPIRIT OF FALSE TEACHING – CONTINUED REVELATION 18:1-24 Today we will continue our study with Revelation 18:8, Key Words: Judgment – Future Babylon.  Last time we saw: The quickness of Babylon’s destruction. It will happen in one day. Verse ten says that the city will be destroyed in ONE HOUR which is referring to […]