Sermons from June 2019

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Prophecy – Part 146 – The Seventh Trumpet (Part IV)


THE SEVENTH TRUMPET (PART IV)  THE THIRD GREAT WONDER,  THE SEVEN BOWL JUDGMENTS, REVELATION 15:1-16:21 Today we continue our study with Revelation 14:17-20, Armageddon and Judgment.  Think about it, Armageddon is the place where the wrath of God is going to fall.  Think about the absolute terror that will occur with the people who are […]

Prophecy – Part 145 – The Seventh Trumpet (Part III)


THE SEVENTH TRUMPET (PART III) ASSURANCE SEVEN: THE TERRIBLE HARVEST OF THE UNGODLY WILL TAKE PLACE REVELATION 14:17-20 The great day of earth’s harvest is coming, the harvest of the ungodly and evil of this world (verse 19).  Jesus Christ is going to judge all the ungodly and evil of this world.  Not a single […]