Sermons from December 2018

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Prophecy – Part 126 – The Seventh Trumpet, Part Three


THE SEVENTH TRUMPET (PART THREE) THE WAR OF THE DRAGON UPON THE EARTH REVELATION 13:1-10 Today we are looking at the attack by the first beast:  A Political Ruler, Revelation 13:1-10. First, remember what has just happened in chapter 12.   Revelation has just given us a glimpse into the spiritual world.  We have seen several […]

Prophecy – Part 125 -The Seventh Trumpet in Detail – Part Two


THE SEVENTH TRUMPET IN DETAIL – PART TWO THE WAR OF THE DRAGON UPON THE EARTH REVELATION 13:1-18 We will begin our study today with where we ended last week.  We were considering the serpent, the devil, and his attempt to flood Israel and believers with tribulation after tribulation.  The idea is an onrushing flood […]

Prophecy – Part 124 – Heaven Declares Victory


Heaven proclaims: WITH A LOUD VOICE FROM HEAVEN, DECLARES THAT VICTORY AND SALVATION ARE NOW WON!  ONCE FOR ALL! Today, we will begin with Revelation 12:10-11 Note the words salvation, victory, heavenly praise.  The victory and salvation are won by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Note three important areas. 1. A loud voice in heaven will […]