Sermons from October 2018

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Prophecy – Part 117 – The Heavenly Temple of God is Opened


The Heavenly Temple of God Is Opened PICTURE OF ETERNITY.  GOD WILL DWELL WITH HIS OWN TEMPLE — IN ALL THE UNIVERSE! As we get started today we will return to our previous message and finish before we continue with part 117.  Please note the following five points which have several principles to help us […]

Prophecy – Part 116 – The Seven Trumpet Judgment Events


THE SEVEN TRUMPET JUDGMENT EVENTS The Final Triumph Over Evil (Part IV); An Overall Picture of Things to Come, Revelation 11:14-19 We have seen that the world and its people will go through great tribulation, tribulation such as the world has never seen before.  Scene after scene of catastrophe, terror, and horror have already been […]

Prophecy – Part 115 – Spectacular Events of The Last Days


SPECTACULAR EVENTS OF THE LAST DAYS Seven Trumpet Judgments During the Great Tribulation, Revelation 8:1-11:19             In our last study we saw that the two witnesses are killed, resurrected, and caught up to heaven.  This will be one of many spectacular events of the last days.  Remember, that the breath of God will be breathed into […]