Sermons from January 2018

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Prophecy – Part 79B – Trumpet Judgments


Prophecy – Part 79B – Trumpet Judgments, Revelation 8:13-9:13 Today we are looking at the worst holocaust the world will have ever seen. Millions of believers will be slaughtered by the godless society and government of the antichrist. The godless government of the antichrist will insist that the people’s first loyalty belongs to the state. […]

Prophecy – Part 78 – Trumpet Judgments


Prophecy – Part 78 – Trumpet Judgments, Revelation 8:6-12 Unless otherwise stated, all Scripture is from KJV. Before we start today’s study of the trumpet judgments we need to finish last week’s study. (Revelation 8:5) There are signs of the coming judgment beginning upon earth (continued from the study which we started last week).  Notice […]

Prophecy – Part 77 – Revelation 8:1-5 continued


Prophecy – Part 77 – Revelation 8:1-5 continued Unless otherwise stated – All Scriptures are from KJV.  Quick review Let’s remember what we have seen thus far. This book is extremely important, for it tells about the end of the world, Israel, Christians, the Great White Throne, etc. Remember, there had been a search throughout […]

Prophecy – Part 76 – Revelation


Prophecy – Part 76 – Revelation Unless stated otherwise, all Scriptures come from the KJV Bible. As we get started today let’s remember Proverbs 3:5-6, God’s great promises for help.  We will need God’s strength and understanding of His Word as we get further into the book of Revelation.  We will need to withstand Satan’s […]