Sermons from July 2017

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Study of Revelation Notice


  Pastor Shelton is recovering from a recent surgery. Join him again when he continues with his study of Revelation.  His family and Open Bible Ministries friends appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Prophecy – Part 60 – The Seven-Sealed Book, Opened cont’d


Prophecy – Part 60 – The Seven-Sealed Book, Opened cont’d, Revelation 5:6-14 (Revelation 5:8-12)  – In our study thus far we have seen some exciting and encouraging things about our Savior which should encourage us to consider our worship of Him.  Today we want to continue looking at those in the throne room and their […]

Prophecy – 59 – The Seven-Sealed Book, Opened!


Prophecy – 59 -The Seven-Sealed Book, Opened!, Revelation 5:6-8 In our study, we can safely say that God has directed our attention to the simple fact that His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the OMNIPOTENT power of the universe.  This is proven again by the search throughout the universe to find someone who can […]

Prophecy – Part 58 – The Book of Destiny is Opened


Prophecy – 58 – The Book of Destiny is Opened, Revelation 5:5-14 As we begin today, we are continuing with the throne room scene in heaven.  Further, we will concern ourselves with the Book [scroll] seen in the hand of God.  The search of heaven, in fact all of the universe, is to find someone […]