Sermons from March 2017

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Prophecy – Part 44, holy/true


CHURCH AT PHILADELPHIA Today, we are considering further the Church at Philadelphia.  Also, we will look at two words which we have touched on in our study thus far, “holy and true,” which describe the Lord Jesus Christ (Revelation 3:7; 4:8; 6:10).  These words have been found throughout the bible as well as the book […]

Prophecy – Part 43, Security


As we begin our study today we will ask God to bring comfort and security to our minds.   God as a Father cares for His children, His LOVE is everlasting.   As a believer, we have much to praise God for.  Sometimes we get so caught up with the swiftness of our lives that we forget […]

Prophecy – Part 42, Love


Today, we will begin our focus on the church at Philadelphia and discover what we can gain from the study to be a lighthouse for Jesus, a church that attempts to love each other and thereby show the Lord Jesus Christ that we love Him (John 14:15). “A new commandment I give TO YOU, that […]

Prophecy – Part 41, Sovereignty


Previously we have been examining the church at Sardis, attempting to understand why Christ classified Sardis as a dead and dying church.  We have considered such biblical principles as being hypocritical, separation, and Holiness.   Today we want to consider the Sovereignty of Christ, or the Sovereignty of God, since He is GOD! In Matthew 28:18 […]

Prophecy – Part 40, Separation


Today, we think further about the church at Sardis and we will continue to consider their failure, from God’s point of view.    Remember, the Lord Jesus declared they were a dead church, very few were still alive [spiritually], but even those were in the process of dying. NOTE:  Sardis had a spiritual problem, no doubt […]