Sermons from October 2016

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Prophecy – Part 27 – Overcomer


THE CHURCH AT SMYRNA Revelation 2:8-11 Today’s Blessing of God – He will never leave us nor desert us.  (see Hebrews 13:5; Joshua 1:5; Matthew 28:20) Today, as we continue our study in Revelation 2:10, we are reminded that even though the folks at Smyrna had been under severe persecution, there is even greater persecution […]

Prophecy – Part 26 – Trouble


THE CHURCH AT SMYRNA Revelation 2:8-11 As we begin today I would like to answer some questions that you have asked about Open Bible Ministries of TN. Open Bible Ministries of TN is a world-wide ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are “Reaching Out” into 157 countries and every state in the US  (plus […]

Prophecy – Part 25 – Myrrh


THE CHURCH AT SMYRNA Revelation 2:8-11 Today we will begin examining the church at Smyrna and it will help us a little if we have a platform to work from and so we will study some historical facts that seem to have a bearing on what we read in Revelation 2:8-11, pertaining  to the Church at […]

Prophecy – Part 24 – Overcomer


THE PROMISE, OVERCOMERS, VICTORY Revelation 2:7 As we begin our study today, I would like to challenge all of us to ask the question of ourselves:  “What sort of change does the Word of God bring to those who study and apply His Word  to their lives? FACT:  The Word of God is life changing, […]