Sermons from July 2015

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Preparing for the Return of Christ by Being Blessed by God


PART 3 I JOHN 3:2-3, MATTTHEW 5:1-12 Today we continue our preparation for the return of Jesus Christ by continuing the study of the Beatitudes and applying the principles to our lives.  Specifically we are considering the word “Blessed”. I John 3:3 gives us the principle we need to understand and apply to be Blessed; […]

Preparation for Training


MATTHEW 5:1-12; I JOHN 3:22-24 Let me introduce this part of our study with the thought: LIVE AS IF CHRIST DIED YESTERDAY, ROSE THIS MORNING AND WILL COME BACK TOMORROW.  Tozer once said, “We are called to an everlasting preoccupation with God.” Last week we were looking at the instruction of Christ for the establishment and […]

One More Proof That We Love God


Part Two I JOHN 3:10-17, Matthew 5:1-2 Having previously considered the subject of sin and recognizing that sin is lawlessness, we find that to be disobedient to God’s commands is lawlessness.  So, today we want to move from the negativeness of sin to the more positive idea of compassion. In out study we have looked […]