Sermons from September 2013

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Growing by Abstaining from Fleshly Lusts


I PETER 2:10-12 – Part One We are continuing to study and apply the principles to our life at our level of spiritual growth.  What Peter is counseling us to do is a continued extension from I Peter 1:15-16. “But as He who has called you is holy, you also be holy in all your […]

Christian, Do You Know Who You Are?


I PETER 2:9 ILLUSTRATION:  BUT I AM A CHRISTIAN! A pious person who was perplexed by denominational differences had a dream.  He thought that he had died and arrived at the gates of heaven.  When he applied to the watchmen to admit him within the sacred walls, they inquired, “Whom do you want?”  He replied […]

God Tells Us Who is Wise and Who is Foolish


I CORINTIANS 1:20-25,30 Introduction:  We know from the experience of life that all of us can look at a set of circumstances and arrive at a different conclusion. Some people would look at an action and decide that is just crazy and another person might look at the same action and decide that was a pretty […]