Sermons from August 2013

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Why Giving is Better Than Receiving


Last week we considered some comments from Randy Alcorn’s “The Law of Rewards” on “investing” in God’s work and why that is important.  Today we look at his comments on “Why Giving is Better Than Receiving.” When Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  (Acts 20:35)  He really meant it.  It […]

The Living Cornerstone


I PETER 2:4-8 OUTLINE: Scene One:  Christ is the Living Stone:  He was rejected by men, but chosen by God Scene Two:  Believers are “living stones” a.  Believers are built into a spiritual house. b.  Believers are holy priesthood. c.  Believers are a fulfillment of prophecy.        3.  Scene Three:  Unbelievers are disobedient builders. a.  […]

Not Divesting But Investing


Randy Alcon in his book “The Law of Rewards” has the following comment about our giving which I thought you might find interesting. What’s the biggest misconception Christians have about giving?  That when we give money away to a church or ministry, or to help the needy, it’s gone.  While we hope others will benefit from […]

Our Precious Possessions


1 & 2 Peter Five times in his two epistles, Simon Peter mentions possessions that are precious to the people of God.  Now, when we think of something precious, we think of a thing that is valuable, of something that is to be cherished, of something that needs to be put under a guard and […]