Sermons from July 2013

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Communion – Remembering God’s Great Love For Me!


I CORINTHIANS 11:23-32 I. INTRODUCTION The Apostle Paul, in our text, gives us the real meaning of the Lord’s Supper.  Paul clearly indicates that this explanation of communion was given to him by the Lord Jesus Christ (v.23).  The Lord’s Supper was given to the Apostle in a special revelation. Paul is now sharing with […]

Memorial Service – Psalm 23


“I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE; HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME, THOUGH HE DIE, YET SHALL HE LIVE, AND WHOEVER LIVES AND BELIEVES IN ME SHALL NEVER DIE.”  (John 11:25-26) INVOCATION: Today we come to pay tribute to the life of (your loved one), a life that has touched many, family and friends. WHAT […]