Sermons from November 2012

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Jesus Talks About Praying from Pastor Tom


Matthew 6:5-15 Previously, we have been looking at Why America needs Revival.  Today we are going to observe Communion and connect the subject of Prayer to our obedience.  Remember, Communion is a time of Revival as we look at our Past, the Present and the Future, in conjunction with our obedience to God.   (Philippians 2:12-13) […]

“THANKSGIVING” by Preacher Ray


The very 1st Thanksgiving in America was 1621, when the settlers thanked God for their abundant crops that year. George Washington, our 1st President, celebrated Thanksgiving also, the first year in office.  Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. Thanksgiving dinner for most families is when they gather together for turkey and dressing plus […]

Why Open Bible Ministries was created! Pastor Tom


God’s progressive revelation is seen throughout the Bible. Why?  A review of Biblical truth reveals to us that mankind could not accept a complete direct revelation of God and His works.  {examples: the Trinity, Christology, the Holy Spirit, Christ’s resurrection, and eschatology} With our understanding of God’s direction and His progressive desire of what He […]

Understanding Communion


God’s Love Doesn’t Have A Happy Ending—It Has No Ending An old deacon was once asked about the state of his church.  He replied, “We are in sad straits; the church is slipping back, getting worse all the time; but, thank the Lord, none of the other churches in our neighborhood is doing any better.”  Sound […]