You may remember the dogwood tree that suffered a broken limb this winter; the beauty of the ice laden branches was too much for it.  The ice glistened in the sunlight, moonlight and street light, but it was a beauty in disguise.

Nevertheless, it has rebounded and been rejuvenated; the blooms and leaves appeared in the Spring and the birds once again found haven there.  From the broken limb site on the tree trunk, new sprouts and new growth emerges.   From the street side, the dogwood looks normal, but from inside the house looking from the window, it looks incomplete, lacking fullness.  Yes, it has been tried and proved, tested, but still stands.

Like we Christians, it has stood this particular test of time and faith, renewed and encouraged, moving forward in strength and grace.  The outward appearance doesn’t define the inner self.  The beautiful ice was hard, then melted and flourished in the Light.  Isn’t that what it’s all about, down here on earth, living “In Christ” for His glory and pleasure?  Living here until we are there with Him?

Remember the story of the “Icy Jewels” and its meaning.  Be beautiful over and over again; let your heart melt and grow with love and compassion, reflect Jesus in your life over and over again!