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“Icy Jewels” Rebounded

by Linda Woodbeck

You may remember the dogwood tree that suffered a broken limb this winter; the beauty of the ice laden branches was too much for it.  The ice glistened in the sunlight, moonlight and street light, but it was a beauty in disguise. Nevertheless, it has rebounded and been rejuvenated; the blooms and leaves appeared in […]

Carol’s Legacy

by Linda Woodbeck

My former friend and co-worker Carol left a legacy of caring.  She traveled life’s difficult roads but took pleasure in gardening, quilting, needlepoint, antiquing, her cars and making a house a home. Many did not see the softer, sentimental side of Carol, only the independent, less conforming picture.  But this I remember, she wrote cards/handmade […]

“Icy Jewels” Ended

by Linda Woodbeck

The night was bitter cold, the sky clear, the moon bright.  The street lamp lit up the dogwood tree again, interestingly, long into the day when it was no longer needed:  Why?  The morning sun sparkled off the icy trees, grass and roadway; today the street lamp darkened. The scene was winter’s prettiest, but danger lurked.  […]

“Icy Jewels” continued

by Linda Woodbeck

Winter continues.  Snow remains piled an spotty on the ground dirty and gray.  The neighborhood and community look like a wasteland with downed trees and power lines.  Tree limbs lean perilously and pot holes enlarge.  Some are still without power and necessities. I looked out the window and the dogwood remained, looking pitiful until a […]

“Ice Jewels” Revisited

by Linda Woodbeck

Another round of brutal winter storms assaulted the neighborhood, and the dogwood tree in front of my house braved the thickening ice until two branches gave way and snapped, broken, dipping their icy tops to the frozen ground.  Two branches remained, stood, standing tall. The night street lamp accentuated the disfigurement and the next day’s […]

“What makes you happy?”

by Linda Woodbeck

Walking in the rain and splashing in the puddles, tromping through and kicking up fall leaves, sliding and slipping in the snow?  Wolfing down burgers and fries?  Licking ice cream as it drips down the cone?   Buying and selling?  Vacationing and sports?  Reading, networking, music and art?  So what is it? Well, give THIS some […]

“Icy Jewels”

by Linda Woodbeck

I looked out the window into the night and the dogwood tree glistened with icy jewels, highlighted by the street lamp and the lone star in the clear, cold sky.  It was beautiful.  I looked again later and the tree was darkened by the cloudy sky, the street lamp still lit, guiding and leading. I […]

“Holly and Poinsettia” by Linda

by Rev. Tom Shelton

In the language of flowers, holly indicates domestic happiness; poinsettia – good cheer and success. In the language of Love, Jesus indicates His saving grace, care and compassion. My Christmas wish for you is that you see Him at His virgin birth, as a baby cradled in His mother’s arms; that you see Him as […]

“An Eye Opener”

by Linda Woodbeck

Here’s an eye-opener.    How do you measure success?  It could be the way your child describes you when talking to a friend.  Ooops!  It’s  always good to stop and take a really hard look at yourself in the mirror each day and see what others see.  Talk to yourself and listen to your words and […]

“Sudden State”

by Linda Woodbeck

Ever wonder why everything “suddenly” goes wrong when everything was going so right?  Sure you have!  Our lives are constantly changing, evolving and fluctuating.  One day you’re as happy as a lark and the next day, the bottom falls out.  One minute you’re laughing and the next you’re in a state of anxiety or gloom.  […]