Introduction: We face many problems in the troubled times in which we live. In all of them, however, it is possible to maintain our spiritual equilibrium and to be rejoicing, triumphant Christians.


A. Contained in three words: rejoice, praise, sing

B. The object of them all is the LORD

C. We are even given specific directions

  1. Praise is a fitting garment for the upright
  2. Our praise should be a growing thing (“new”)

II. THE CAUSE (4-19)

A. The communication of the Lord: His Word (4a)

B. The conduct of God (4b)

C. The character of the Lord (5a)

D. The compassion of the Lord (5b)

E. The creation of the Lord (6-9)

F. The counsel of the Lord (10-11)

G. The care of the Lord (12-19)


A. We must wait for the Lord

B. We must see Him as our provision

C. Trusting in Him will bring sure rejoicing


Look at what our Lord is and does! Rejoice, praise, sing, TRUST! Since His mercy is according to our hope, we had better get our hands up and take fast hold of hope!