Part 17

Read these verses in their entirety, meditate, praise His Word!

Verses 129 – 136

“Thy testimonies are wonderful…The entrance of thy words giveth light…I opened my mouth, and panted; for  I longed for thy commandments.  Be merciful unto me…Order my steps in thy word…Deliver me from oppression of man…Make thy face to shine upon thy servant…Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law.”

The psalmists delights in God’s wonderful Word, the entrance [unfolding] which gives light and understanding which he longs for.  He prays for direction, teaching and firmness in walking in a godly way, and he asks for blessing and gracious favor to shine upon him.  He expresses concern and grief, crying, at men who disregard and hate God’s Law.

We, too, tremble at our enemies and troubles, and strive to faithfully keep God’s wonderful testimonies; we need His blessings.  We pray for order in our steps, continually, as the steps of the righteous before us.