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Psalm 119 – Praising the Word of God

by Linda Woodbeck

PART ONE This lengthy psalm takes us deep into the heart of the psalmist and paints a picture of his continuing praise and reliance on the Word of God.  He has been ridiculed, persecuted and suffered for his faith but finds comfort and strength by meditating on God’s Word, the source to meet all his […]


by Rev. Tom Shelton

Question:  Was Adam with Eve when she spoke to the serpent (Genesis 3:6)?”  Great question. *The Bible indicates that Eve was the first to eat of the forbidden fruit, after she was deceived by the serpent. *Your question is in two parts: 1) Where was Adam when Eve was holding her conversation with the serpent?   and 2) Was […]


by Linda Woodbeck

MORNING & EVENING devotional by Charles Spurgeon December 31, 2014 Morning:  “In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying.  If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink.”  (John 7:37) Patience had her perfect work in the Lord Jesus, and until the last day of the […]


by Rev. Tom Shelton

We come together today to think about God’s blessings in 2014 but also to look forward with excitement to 2015.  We’ve all heard the old expression that someone is “singing a different tune” or has “changed his tune.”    I doubt that many know where or why the expressions originated.  Tradition tells us the the expression probably […]

OBM News by Linda

by Linda Woodbeck

OBM begins 2015, fresh and energetic, as God’s plan unfolds.  Sunday worship service (children’s Sunday School with Sandy) is at 10 a.m. and Thursday Bible Study is at 1 p.m. (winter) led by Pastors Tom and Ray.  We are studying the book of I John on Sundays and Power to Serve, Living a Joyful Spirit-Filled […]

OBM is on the Radio

by Linda Woodbeck

2015 begins with many blessings from God for Open Bible Ministries, in the USA and around the world.  Yes, “the Miracle in Tennessee” continues and you can be a part of it.  If you haven’t heard them on the radio locally (central time) on the Peg broadcasting Network in Crossville, WAEW, 96.9 FM and 1330 AM on […]