Open Bible Ministries of TN. Inc. officially began on July 13, 2012 with twelve people, but it was months before that the seed was planted in their hearts and minds.  A desire and urgency to more effectively obey and serve Christ led to the establishment of the non-profit corporation, with the mission and purpose to proclaim and spread the gospel, and to encourage and guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Work began immediately to implement legal and financial requirements, appoint officers and directors, acquire office and meeting space and gather necessary materials and supplies.  Goals and plans were made and set in action with the primary emphasis on creating a website and obtaining radio time.  Along with Sunday services and Thursday Bible studies, other activities included small church visitations, outreach to families and other agencies in need in our surrounding communities and newspaper publications.

To date, the web is up and running (FIRST online, October 18, Glenda Spigner, webmaster), and the radio sermons, “Reaching Out,” are broadcast on Sunday mornings 7:30 on 1330AM/96.9 FM (FIRST broadcast was November 25), Pastor Tom Shelton and Associate Pastor Ray Spigner.

Previous meetings and services were held in individual homes until our FIRST Sunday on August 5 in rented space at 24 Peavine Plaza, Suite #103.  The second Sunday of each month is set aside for small church visitations to encourage and assist them (August to December:  Love Free Baptist Church, Crossville; Faith Bible Fellowship, Fairfield Glade; Daysville Baptist Church, Daysville; Isoline Baptist Church, Crossville; Bread of Life Rescue Mission, Crossville).

We have just completed the first Thursday Bible study series on prophecy; now we are beginning a Bible study on prayer.  Often, visitors and friends attend and join us for this, as well as Sunday services and other corporate events, and we welcome their attendance and participation.

Additional missions and outreach accomplishments include:  supporting the Mitchell’s, a missionary family in Colorado; adopting two families for Thanksgiving and Christmas; a memorial service for a friend on October 19; Election Day prayer, Jerry Berry, Minister of Prayer; Operation Christmas child in November and corporate fellowship lunches/dinners, social activities, etc..

Further endeavors include the possibility of: a TV ministry, incorporation of a church, publishing ministry and producing and conducting Discipleship and Evangelism Conferences.  With great vision and dedication, there are no limits to how God will use the people of Open Bible Ministries of TN to further His plan.  We will continue to proclaim the Word of the Open Bible through the Open Door, following Jesus as we walk His road of obedience.